1910 Towne Centre Boulevard
Unit 302
Annapolis, MD 21401
mobile: 703 850-2891

Coulbourne Consulting is a structural engineering consulting firm specializing in solutions to natural hazard-caused problems from high wind and flood events including hurricanes, storm surge, riverine floods and tornadoes. The focus is on understanding what these events do to the built environment and creating solutions to reduce losses to buildings and increase personal and community resiliency to future events. Mr. Coulbourne is one of the nation’s leading experts on coastal construction issues and the designs required for high winds due to hurricanes and tornadoes. He is very involved in engineering standards focused on wind, flood, and tornado loads.

Coulbourne Consulting studies how building failures occur during wind and flood events and uses that knowledge to teach other design professionals not only what has been learned but what the events have taught us about how to rebuild stronger. Mr. Coulbourne has conducted post-event damage assessments on thousands of buildings for multiple clients over a 20 year period, and has published articles and books about these events and the learning from them, and delivered talks to many different audiences. He delivers more than 30 seminars annually about design topics related to natural hazard mitigation.

US Federal Contractor Registration